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Gymform VibraTone

Review Summary
The Gymform VibraTone belt is one of many products that are part of an emerging wave of abdominal toning belts in the fitness industry as of late. This device is one of many, many apparatuses that are offered to consumers as a means to promote abdominal toning and slimming apart from any active exercise routines. Vendors and manufacturers of the Gymform VibraTone belt and other such devices can make this kind of claim because they employ a muscle toning technology that has been used for years in the rehabilitative medical field as a way to rehabilitate the muscles of patients who physically cannot exercise. The technology is called Electric Muscle Stimulation or EMS and when used in an abdominal belt it gives individuals who find it difficult to find enough time to exercise the chance to receive extra toning benefits. Here we will take a closer look at the Gymform VibraTone belt, its advantages, disadvantages, price point, and so on.
Information About Manufacturer
It was hard for us to find a great deal of information about the Gymform Company. We do know that the Gymform VibraTone belt is sold by a retailer known as Premier Brands Direct. However, we are not sure if there is an official connection between Gymform and Premier Brands Direct. Yet we do know that Premier Brands offers warranty and satisfaction guarantee policies for the Gymform VibraTone belt, the former of which lasts one year and the latter of which lasts two weeks.
The Gymform VibraTone belt has a few different things going for it. Again, it is an EMS device, which means that users will be able to achieve toning results while going about various daily activities such as reading, doing dishes, or even watching television. Plus, the Gymform VibraTone belt can be used on the buttocks and other areas of the body aside from just the abdomen. Lastly, the Gymform VibraTone belt was tested in one clinical trial in which it was found to be effective for participants of the study.
We do have a few questions about the Gymform VibraTone belt, however. Firstly, we are unsure of whether the device is slim enough to go unnoticed under the user’s clothing so that he or she can wear at any time of day. Another issue of concern to us is the study that confirmed the effectiveness of the Gymform VibraTone belt. Oftentimes, studies are corroborated by one another in order to confirm their results. However, there appears to be only one study performed with the Gymform VibraTone belt. Another concern that American customers might have is the shipping costs and time associated with purchasing the device from Premier Brands Direct, an issue we will address further below. Lastly, while some abdominal toning belts have been cleared by the FDA, the Gymform VibraTone belt has not. While this does not mean that the Gymform VibraTone belt is not safe or effective it may mean a lack of confidence on the part of some potential customers.
Price and Shipping Information
Again, Premier Brands Direct is company that is based in Britain. Thus, the Gymform VibraTone belt retails for approximately 40 GBP, which converts to approximately 60 USD at the time of this article’s authorship. As for shipping prices, the shipping costs for British customers will be 6 GBP while such costs for overseas customers are not clearly explained, nor is overseas shipping turnaround time clearly articulated.
The Gymform VibraTone belt is certainly a viable option for consumers, especially given its versatility of use on different areas of the body, its relatively low price point, and the fact that it was tested in a study. These factors may well motivate even U.S. consumers to purchase the device from the British retailer Premier Brands Direct. Yet the drawbacks to the apparatus may have some consumers wondering. They may wonder about the lack of FDA clearance and the lack of a secondary clinical trial to support the effectiveness of the Gymform VibraTone belt. To be sure, each customer will decide for him or herself which factors are most important in terms of his or her desire to choose one product over another. The important thing is for consumers to be well informed and educated about the industry and about the products under consideration. Luckily for the modern consumer, the Internet’s array of customer reviews and ratings, informational videos, and other such resources will prove to be invaluable tools to aid them in their decision making process. The Flex Belt, which is FDA cleared, can be another great option for those looking to improve upon their ab toning results. This EMS ab toner uses medical grade technology to create real results, which you can learn more about by visiting its official website.

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