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Gymform Digital

Review Summary
There are a lot of different products that are designed to help people shed pounds and get in shape. It is simply the nature of today’s retail industry. Companies everywhere know that fitness, wellness, and weight loss are concerns that loom large on many individuals’ minds. Although many products seek to deal with body shaping from within, such as oral diet supplements, some newer products are actually trying to work from the outside inward. Abdominal toning belts are a good example of this trend. The Gymform Digital belt, for example, utilizes Electric Muscle Stimulation technology to work the wearer’s abdominal muscles while he or she goes about normal daily activities.
Information About Manufacturer
The Gymform Digital belt appears to be made by the Gymform Company and marketed by a British retailer known as Premier Brands Direct. We are unsure of what kind of role Gymform actually plays in the retail sales of the Gymform Digital belt, its satisfaction and warranty guarantees, and so on. However, Premier Brands Direct does stand behind the belt with a 14 day satisfaction guarantee and a one year product warranty. The Gymform Digital belt can be purchased directly through Premier Brands Direct’s website.
For those who do not know about Electric Muscle Stimulation or EMS technology, a brief explanation is in order. Simply put, EMS devices such as the Gymform Digital belt send gentle electric pulses into the muscles in order to repeatedly tighten and relax the muscles. This basically imitates normal exercise but without requiring the user to actively perform any exercise routines. The fact that the Gymform Digital belt is an EMS device is certainly positive. Another advantage to this device is its relative versatility. It can be used on areas of the body other than the abdomen, such as the legs and arms. Plus, it seems to be slim enough to go unnoticed under normal clothing.
In order to assess some of the potential drawbacks of the Gymform Digital belt, we must think about other EMS belts and devices. For example, while some EMS devices are supported by a two year warranty the warranty offered by Premier Brands Direct lasts only one year. Another issue to consider is the lack of consumer testimonials or third party research. Oftentimes, abdominal toning belt manufacturers or vendors will post videos, before and after pictures, or simply statements from previous users. These help potential consumers know how the device has helped other individuals. We found no such reports regarding the Gymform Digital belt. Sometimes a belt will have been tested in a third party clinical trial. When an apparatus produces positive results in this kind of environment it can boost consumers’ confidence greatly. The Gymform Digital belt does not appear to have undergone any such testing.
Price and Shipping Information
The Gymform Digital belt comes with the basic belt, eight electrodes for attachment around the various abdominal muscle groups, an instructional manual, carrying case, and so on. It retails for 96 GBP. At the time of this review, this amount converts to approximately 147 USD. While shipping within the United Kingdom is listed at 6 GBP, shipping costs for American consumers is not clearly posted. Delivery time for U.K. consumers will be approximately one to two weeks. It is not clear how long shipping and handling time will be for American consumers. With the reasonable price tag attached to_Gymform Digital, you may want to consider pairing it up with another product to get even better results. The Flex Belt is a great option for those looking to tone and tighten their abdominals, and you can learn more about this proven product by visiting its official website.
The Gymform Digital belt is one among many products designed to offer passive abdominal toning benefits. In some ways, the Gymform Digital belt appears to be a worthwhile choice for consumers. Given that it uses Electric Muscle Stimulation, an increasingly popular toning technology, the device should offer some benefits to users, especially those who find it hard to invest as much time as they should into workout routines. Still, any EMS device should be used in conjunction with consistent exercise and a healthy nutritional regimen. That said, there is also reason to believe that other EMS that are supported by third party research, that offer longer warranty periods, and that post online testimonials will attract consumers as well. This is not to mention some of the question marks posed by the Gymform Digital belt’s vendor, Premier Brands Direct, who appears to cater mainly to U.K. customers. People who are interested in purchasing an abdominal toning belt truly need to do their homework in order to compare all of their various options side by side in terms of their respective advantages and disadvantages. This will enable them to be informed customers.

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