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Review Summary
The FlexORing is an at home fitness tool made by a company called Smooth Fitness. This company claims that exercisers can do their thing with the FlexORing and that it is the perfect device to target and tone trouble areas. The device appears to be quite similar to a Pilates ring and can likely can be incorporated into Pilates workouts. The company behind the FlexORing states that it can also be used for hundreds of other exercises, including strength training, toning, and cardio movements.

The FlexORing is lightweight, small, and compact. The ring is made from a very flexible material that can be bent to provide resistance during workouts, but the makers of the product state that it is nearly impossible to break. The ring has two handles and eight different resistance grips, which provides users with multiple levels of resistance. The makers of this device claim that it is a great fitness tool for using at home, at work, and even while traveling. The FlexORing is meant to burn calories and to assist people with getting and staying in shape.

Currently, the FlexORing costs $35 for a single unit. However, the makers of this product are offerings a $15 day 30 day trial of this product as well. Additionally, to learn how to use the FlexORing and to discover additional workouts, consumers can also purchase a FlexORing Strength Training or Cardio Training fitness DVD set. The sets come with 6 workout DVDs each and cost $14.95 per month for 6 months.

The Smooth Fitness company website now sells the FlexORing directly to consumers. This site promises that all orders are satisfaction guaranteed. It also posts some videos of the FlexORing in action so that consumers can get an idea of what kind of workouts can be done with this fitness tool.

Final Facts
The FlexORing is touted to be especially great for core workouts. In fact, the company claims that this device is gaining popularity all over Europe, and one of the reasons for this popularity is because it can help flatten the tummy. Another great fitness solution for the tummy is The Flex Belt. This abs belt has been cleared by the FDA to strengthen and tone the core. It is equipped with advanced technology that can actually stimulate the abdominal muscles for you, and as a result, it may make a great addition to a fitness routine that utilizes the FlexORing.

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