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The Flex Belt vs. The Contour Belt

Welcome to! This page of our site brings you a comparison of the two top selling Ab Belts that use Electronic Muscle Stimulation (EMS) to Tone, Tighten and Strengthen the stomach muscles. In our opinion The Flex Belt® is definitely the superior product and here are the facts about why...

The Flex Belt's FDA Clearance:
Ab Belts that use EMS are declared as 'Class 2 Medical Devices' by the FDA. In order to actually receive an FDA Clearance you must obtain a certification and document called a 510K. The Flex Belt® is the first Ab Belt to obtain an FDA Clearance and has the 510K certification. In achieving this 510K the makers of The Flex Belt® had to prove the products effectiveness and safety to the FDA. The Flex Belt's official 510K # provided by the FDA is K100320. The actual FDA 510K document states that: 'The Flex Belt is indicated to improve abdominal muscle tone, for the strengthening of abdominal muscles and for the development of a firmer abdomen.' Here at we respect that The Flex Belt is FDA Cleared because we know that we can trust it to provide results, be effective and safe.

The Contour Belt Is Not FDA Cleared:
Although the makers of The Contour Belt claim that they are FDA Cleared, there is no record of this in the FDA's database. We found this shocking, so we actually contacted the FDA and they confirmed that The Contour Belt does not have a 510K certification/document. The makers of The Contour Belt even go as far as to put the FDA's logo on their website. This is a big 'no–no' – it is not acceptable to use the FDA's logo at all and especially to misrepresent that they have cleared your product. Here at we find this deceptiveness very unacceptable. If you are considering purchasing a Contour Belt based on their claim that it is 'FDA Cleared' we encourage you to first research this in the FDA's official database.

The Flex Belt's Design:
The Flex Belt is a very sleek design that fits snuggly around your midsection with a comfortable neoprene belt that wraps all the way around and easily velcros in the back. The controller is small, compact, portable and fits neatly into a little pouch on the side of The Flex Belt. The Flex Belt is so discrete that you can wear it under your clothes and no one would even know you have it on.

The Contour Belt's Design:
The Contour Belt is a firmer neoprene fabric and it does not wrap all the way around your midsection. It instead has two straps on each side of the front of the unit and they wrap around the back and hook together. The Contour's remote controller is very large and somewhat heavy. It is about the size of a large TV remote and it is not very discrete nor can it be worn under clothing without someone noticing it. Here is a side–by–side comparison of The Flex Belt & The Contour Belt controllers:

The Flex Belt's Power Supply:
The Flex Belt's power controller is rechargeable. It comes with its own recharging cord and takes about 1 hour to recharge. The power lasts for about 3 hours of use, which equals approximately 6 uses per every charge. The power controller attaches to the Flex Belt in one easy click and once connected it tucks comfortably into the pouch. The power of The Flex Belt stay's completely consistent until it needs to be recharged. It does not weaken as the charge gets used, so the power and effectiveness of the contractions stays consistent throughout. We like the makers of The Flex Belt are eco–friendly minded and did not design their product to use wasteful batteries. We also like that you do not need to continually invest in batteries. This saves hundreds of dollars in wasted batteries over the course of a year.

The Contour Belt's Power Supply:
The Contour Belt's power controller requires 4 AAA Batteries. How long they last of course depends on the quality of batteries purchased and how often used. As stated the Contour's power controller is very large and hangs off the side of the belt, adding bulk and extra weight. Before getting started, the controller has four different wires that must be sorted and matched up then connected through the belt. In our opinion, the charge weakens as the batteries do and the contractions are not as consistent. We don't like that the product needs batteries as it is not good for the environment and over the course of a year a user can expect to pay hundreds of dollars for new batteries.

The Flex Belt's Contractions:
The Flex Belt provides powerful contractions that produce results and these contractions are also very comfortable. The contraction ramps up slowly, holds the contracted stomach muscles for a couple of seconds and then slowly releases. The Flex Belt comes with an adjustable intensity that goes from 1–150. It also has 10 different programs so users have the advantage to work their muscles in multiple ways.

The Contour Belt's Contractions:
The Contour Belt also provides contractions, but in our opinion they are not as comfortable. We find them to be rather harsh and biting. There is no smooth ramp up function – it contracts very quickly and abruptly. The Contour Belt has an intensity that goes from 1–100. It also has many different programs for the user to choose between.

Here is a comparison video that The Flex Belt produced to show how users who have never tried either The Flex Belt or The Contour Belt reacted to each of the products design, ease of use and the contractions:

The Flex Belt's Social Community:
The Flex Belt has a nice following on Facebook and Twitter. At the time of this review, there are over 25,000 fans on Facebook and over 26,000 followers on Twitter. We appreciate that this means their customers like the product and want to stay in touch with the community that uses it. We also like The Flex Belt's voice and how they positively interact with their fans. They even offer a weekly giveaway contest on Facebook, as well as special promotions and also post a lot of fun pictures... including amazing Before and After pictures they get from their customers who have received impressive results. Check them out on -- You can also see their celebrities comment about the product on Twitter. Denise Richards, Adrianne Curry, Lisa Rinna and other celebrities and professional athletes tweet consistently about The Flex Belt. Check them out on -- Additionally The Flex Belt has a huge following on They have thousands of subscribers to their channel page and at the time of his review over 3 million video views!!! Check them out and all their videos here:

The Contour Belt's Social Community:
From what we can tell The Contour Belt doesn't have much of an online community. At the time of this review, they have yet to break 1,000 followers on Twitter, yet they actually follow more people than they have followers! That is not the sign of a brand that has a community with customers interested in staying in touch with them. Check out their numbers The same goes for Facebook – they have very little fans – just over 1000 and there is not much going on with their page – they really don't do anything as you can see here: And same goes for YouTube – they have had only a few hundred thousand video views and less than 150 subscribers to their channel page: We would say that Contour has a weak community presence overall.

The Flex Belt's Testimonials and Before and After Pictures:
On the official Flex Belt website they literally have thousands of testimonials from their customers. The page is honestly endless with positive feedback from their thousands of satisfied customers. A product really needs to be good in order for their customers to take their valuable time to write and send them a testimonial. Read through some of these testimonials here: In addition to the thousands of sincere customer testimonials, there are a ton of amazing and impressive Before and After pictures. There must be at least a hundred on their home page. Check them out at the official Flex Belt website Here at we find that The Flex Belt's customers say it all and for them this is a product you can expect to see some results from.

The Contour Belt's Testimonials and Before and After Pictures:
On the official Contour Belt website there are also some testimonials. At the time of this review, we see only about 11 what they call 'success stories'. Not as impressive as the thousands on The Flex Belt website, but at least some is better than none. They also have a handful of Before and After pictures... We see about 11 that go along with their success stories. Again – not the endless amount we see on The Flex Belt's site, but at least they have some satisfied customers. You can check out their testimonials and B&A pictures here

The Flex Belt's Celebrities and Athletes:
The Flex Belt has many celebrity and professional athlete users. On their official website, you can see impressive videos with their Celebs. Actress, Denise Richards talks about how she uses The Flex Belt while she spends time with her kids, while she reads scripts and gets ready in the morning. America's Next Top Model Winner, Adrianne Curry talks about how The Flex Belt has taken her abs to "A WHOLE OTHER LEVEL!!." Actress and Dancing with The Stars Diva, Lisa Rinna talks about how she likes to push The Flex Belt's intensity to challenge herself and often her abs are sore the next day just like if she did a really intense ab workout. Super Bowl MVP Jerry Rice says that he wouldn't stand behind a product unless he believes in it and that users should try The Flex Belt and they will get results. Four–time Olympic Gold Medalist and Seven–Time World Record Holder, Janet Evans says she uses The Flex Belt to give her a competitive advantage. Additionally they have Actor and Celebrity Host, Brian Wade as their Official Host. Check out all these fun videos a

The Contour Belt's Celebrities and Athletes:
At the time of this review, we actually didn't see any celebrities using The Contour Belt on their official website. However they did on the home page have a video of who looked to be retired football player Ben Sims from the Minnesota Vikings. When we tried to click on the video image, it attempted to load a YouTube video that was marked as private. We were unable to play the video. You can see the image of Ben Sims on their site:

Conclusion of The Flex Belt vs The Contour Belt:
Here at we feel that The Flex Belt and The Contour Belt are the only noteworthy Ab Belts on the market. All the other products just aren't of the same quality and just don't produce the results. Additionally we feel The Flex Belt is by far the best choice between the two. The Flex Belt is definitely the Ferrari of Ab Belts. It is the most expensive, but if you want the best you have to pay for it. The Flex Belt is $199 and The Contour Belt is $179. For the extra $20 – we say get the best. We have become an official Flex Belt reseller and you can purchase here in our store by clicking here clicking here – or you can get it from the official Flex Belt website here: Or if you want to save a little money and not go for the best you can get a Contour Belt on their official site: We hope you found this review and side-by-side comparison informative and useful.

– The Team at
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