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Contour Ab Belt

Review Summary

Although some consumers might not realize it at first, a brief survey of the wellness industry will quickly reveal that the prevalence of abdominal toning belts is on the rise. With more and more people needing to trim their midsections and many of them finding that they have less and less free time, the thought of promoting muscle toning without needing to actively perform exercise routines is exciting to many individuals. The Contour Ab Belt is one such device and might be considered among the most popular passive abdominal toning apparatuses on the market. The Contour Ab Belt is being marketed as the answer to many consumers’ most nagging abdominal questions. Some key factors make it a reasonable choice for some individuals, while other factors may cause certain consumers to look elsewhere for assistance.
Information About Manufacturer
The device it is marketed by Contour Technology, LLC. This firm, which is based in Minnesota, offers the apparatus to the public as a truly effective method for promoting abdominal toning and slimming. The informational video posted on the official website features individuals with chiseled abs and picture perfect bodies. It is unclear whether Contour Technology, LLC is a parent company to any other fitness products or programs.
The Contour Ab Belt is one of a few abdominal toning devices that use electrical pulses to tone the muscles of the abdomen. Known variously as Electric Muscle Stimulation or EMS, this technology is receiving more and more attention, which is not surprising given that the method has been utilized in rehabilitative medicine for decades. Furthermore, the Contour Belt is versatile enough that it can be used on areas of the body other than the abdomen. It also comes with a diet and exercise guide and is supported by a two year warranty program.
While there are some clear advantages to the Contour Ab Belt there are also some distinct disadvantages. Although the website says the product is cleared by the FDA, there is actually no record of Contour obtaining this clearance in the FDA database. We wrote their customer service department to confirm this discrepancy and we never heard back. The FDA database is thorough in listing devices that have been cleared, so we would have to believe they do not really have their own FDA Clearance. Another thing, the device appears to be too bulky to be worn discreetly, especially given the size of its remote controller. Thus, users might need to forget about undergoing a toning program while at work or in public. It also requires 4 AAA batteries, unlike some other belts. Plus, the device is not specifically backed by any third party clinical trials, as some other EMS devices are. With a satisfaction guarantee period of only one month, people do not have a very long a time period to make a final decision about the apparatus. Finally, the vendor does not ship outside the U.S and charges customers outside of the continental U.S. extra shipping costs.

The Contour Belt is not considered to be the best EMS Ab belt by the leading medical expert in this category. Dr. John Porcari has been studying Ab belts for over 10 years and conducted over 20 comprehensive clinical trials. He is considered by many to be the foremost authority in studying Ab Belts. He considered The Flex Belt® to be his choice for the best Ab Belt.

Price and Shipping Information
The Contour Ab Belt is priced similarly to a number of other EMS abdominal belts. It costs a bit over 200 dollars and shipping and handling is free for most customers. However, residents outside the continental U.S. will also pay additional shipping costs of about 30 dollars. Shipping and handling time for the Contour Ab Belt appears to take about a week to a week and a half.
Using Electric Muscle Stimulation as a means to promote abdominal toning is certainly a trend that is receiving increasing amounts of consideration. The fact that the FDA has cleared the Contour Ab Belt and certain other apparatuses will only enhance this trend. No doubt, the Contour Ab Belt is a viable choice for people who want to add to their exercise and nutrition habits the use of a device that will offer bonus toning benefits apart from any active participation on their part. However, consumers will also find that some other devices can be worn discreetly under normal clothing so that toning regimens can be performed during the most convenient periods of the day. Furthermore, some of these devices are also backed by a 60 day satisfaction guarantee. However, we feel as though the most compelling EMS products are those that have been tested in clinical trials. This kind of evidence functions as a strong motivator for consumers who are researching their options. Still, the Contour Ab Belt is one of many valid choices available to people who wish to get in control of their bodily figures.

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