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Ab Shaper Pro

Review Summary
The Ab Shaper Pro is a name applied to a few different abdominal toning devices. These products are created to assist people in getting the abs of their dreams while working out at home. Because they are considered traditional ab exercise machines, a product like The Flex Belt can easily be incorporated into the workout regimen. This highly advanced ab conditioning tool, which is FDA cleared, works without user effort. Instead, you simply put The Flex Belt on when you want an added ab toning session and let it do the work. When paired with a traditional abdominal toning workout, The Flex Belt can assist in tightening and toning the abs.

The most common product advertised under the Ab Shaper Pro name resembles a weight bench with a bar across the top. Users lie flat on the bench and reach overhead to grasp the bar. Then they crunch up, pressing on the bar as they move. The entire bench moves with them and reportedly allows them to get additional resistance while receiving support for the neck and back the entire workout. According to retailers, the machine can work upper, middle, and lower abs, but they note that it can also work your hips and thighs. It is said to easily fold away for storage and offers a 200 degree range of motion.

The Ab Shaper Pro machine varies in price. At the writing of this review, it could only be found on British websites. However, it’s price averages around £29.99 at this time. Other retailers may offer the machine for slightly more or slightly less as they compete for business.

As stated, the Ab Shaper Pro can be found on a few different retailer websites. While this results in varying prices, it also results in varying information. Some sites have a comprehensive amount of details concerning all aspects of the machine; while others have a simpler layout. One useful tool is the consumer reviews available through some retailers. These reviews can help you see how other consumers just like you felt about the product after they purchased and tried it out.

Final Facts
The Ab Shaper Pro is a traditional ab workout device designed for home use. Although there are a few different machines with this title, the most commonly seen one resembles a weight bench with a horizontal bar mounted overhead. As you crunch forward holding the bar, the machine moves with you. It cushions the head and neck in this way, while giving added resistance to your ab workout. When used in conjunction with something like The Flex Belt, for instance, users will likely find their abdominal fitness goals to be highly achievable and within reach.

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