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Ab Shaper

Review Summary
The Ab Shaper is an abdominal toning device from the fitness equipment manufacturer known as Weider. Though this company typically makes gyms and larger equipment, the Ab Shaper is a smaller device that is meant for in home use. It is similar to many ab roller devices in that it requires regular exercise to get the promised abdominal results. The Ab Shaper is sold on several different retailer websites, which means that it’s typically easy to locate, though there isn’t the comprehensive nature of an official website. Another abdominal toning product, known as The Flex Belt, is often seen as a good addition or even a substitution for traditional ab workouts like those required with the Ab Shaper. The Flex Belt is different from the Ab Shaper, however, in that it requires no user effort and instead does all the work for you.

The AbShaper is like several other rocking ab devices. Users lay down and place their heads on the padded cushion. They put their hands on the structure above them, and then they rock their upper body forward, contracting the abdominal muscles. This particular product is slightly different from others because it does include a workout mat, which not usually seen with other ab rocking devices.

Because the Ab Shaper can be found through multiple retailers, there are varying prices listed online for this device. At the writing of this review, we found it for anywhere from $45 to $79.95. Competitive pricing like this is said to be quite common with equipment sold through multiple retailers.

As stated, the AbShaper isn’t sold on an official website and can instead be found through several retailers. While this increases your resources, it also means you may find conflicting information. Some of these sites offer consumer reviews, which are a good informational source. Other ab toning products like The Flex Belt, however, can be found on a comprehensive website with information directly from the manufacturer. This lends a greater air of authenticity to the information and can also make a product easier to find.

Final Facts
Many people want tighter, more toned abs. Because of this demand for such products, there are many abdominal machines out there. The Ab Shaper is just one of these, and it offers users a way to get a traditional ab workout while supporting the head and neck. Machines like this are often used in conjunction with The Flex Belt to allow both a traditional workout and a technologically advanced way of toning the abs when you aren’t exercising. As with all fitness products, online reviews are a great resource, allowing you to gather more information about your potential solutions without having to purchase them first. Although we didn’t see any such policies, you may be able to locate the Ab Shaper with a satisfaction guarantee through one of the many retailers online.

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