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Ab Lounge

Review Summary
The Ab Lounge is a machine designed for home gym use to help people reach their abdominal fitness goals in a more comfortable manner. It’s said to offer more comfort because the entire body is cradled in the machine during a workout. Retailers state the design of this machine allows your body to engage only the abdominal muscles during a workout, maximizing your potential results. A traditional ab workout like this goes well with The Flex Belt. The Flex Belt, unlike the Ab Lounge, requires no workout at all. Instead, you simply turn it on and allow it to contract your ab muscles. Because it provides an effortless abdominal toning session, you can use it whenever you have a moment to slip it on. FDA cleared for use in this manner, The Flex Belt can be a great addition to any traditional ab workout program.

The Ab Lounge resembles a small hammock supported by a steel frame. The user lies on the machine and reaches overhead to grab the handles. Then, using a forward crunching motion, the Ab Lounge cradles the body as you engage your abdominal muscles. The range of motion possible with this machine is said to allow you to tone your upper, lower, and middle abs, while also being able to focus on the obliques. According to some retailers, the machine is offered with a 90 day warranty; however, the maker of The Flex Belt offers a two year product warranty for their device.

At the time of this review, the Ab Lounge can be found on several retailer websites. Some of these sites state the machine is out of stock, though it can be purchased through at least one at this time. Currently, the average listed price for the Ab Lounge is around $80.

There is no official website for the Ab Lounge; instead, it is profiled through a series of independent retailer sites. Because some of these retailers specialize in fitness equipment and others do not, the amount of information you find on the website differs from site to site. Some retailers offer a complete product description and some even include consumer feedback. The best mixture of data can often be found when you combine what you find on multiple websites.

Final Facts
The Ab Lounge is an abdominal toning device sold online and found through several Internet retailers. It is designed to help people tighten and tone their abs by cushioning the impact of a traditional ab workout on their neck and back. It is said to isolate the abdominal muscles, increasing the potential results received. Although it’s featured on numerous websites, some of these retailers state that the Ab Lounge machine isn’t available at the time of this review. However, we were able to locate the machine available for purchase through at least one site at this time.

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