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AbCoaster Max

Review Summary
At-home exercise machines offer people a way to work on their trouble zones from the comfort of their own homes. One of the most common trouble zones is the abdominal muscles. This is why there are now plenty of at-home ab workout machines now on the market. However, the AbCoaster Max in particular promises to provide exercisers a way to work the abs while also limiting stress to the neck, back and shoulders. This machine was made for home use and is said to be suitable for people of different fitness levels.

Unlike abdominal belt systems, the AbCoaster Max uses a patented bottom-up motion to exercise and tone the abs. The makers of this machine claim that this is the best way to work the abdominal muscles, noting that professional gymnasts use the bottom up approach. This is said to help the gymnasts to get strong and lean muscles to help them during competition. It achieves the bottom up approach by providing a modified exercise of the hanging leg raise, which is known to be a very difficult exercise to perform. The AbCoaster Max is said to make this difficult exercise possible for anyone to perform so that users can experience the ab flattening results that they desire. Additionally, the Ab Coaster Max is equipped with a multi-angle seat that can adjust to hit the oblique muscles as well.

Currently, the Ab Coaster Max costs just under $200 with an additional $40 for shipping and handling. Though, at this time, the company does allow people to break up this cost by making four payments of $50 if they prefer.

The AbCoaster Max official website is equipped with a checkout function so that consumers can purchase this product directly from the company. This website posts information about the design of the Ab Coaster Max and how it can be incorporated into a fitness program. The site provides photo of the machine, displays some press clips, and also posts some success stories from past users of the Ab Coaster Max.

Final Facts
The AbCoaster Max is said to be suitable for everyone from professional athletes and health club members to home exercisers. Like abbelts, the Ab Coaster Max does not cause any strain to the back or neck, and it does not require that people get down and lay on the floor to exercise the abdominals. The plate-loading resistance system that is integral to this machine’s design was made to engage the abs from start-to-finish during each exercise movement on this machine. This will give users a constant core contraction with every repetition, which is said to lead to faster results.

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